At Your Service

As an accomplished fitness trainer with over seventeen years of experience. I would like to be a part of your fitness regime in order to contribute to its success by deploying excellent physical training programs.

As your personal trainer, I am determined and enthusiastic to help you reach your goals. I’ve got great people skills and a friendly personality, very patient and the ability to motivate and inspire you. A responsible attitude, as well as safety, certified an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Knowledge of nutrition and healthy diet programs.

Components of physical fitness include weight control, diet, nutrition, stress management, and spiritual and ethical fitness.

What We Offer!

~ Goals Setting.                                                  ~Pilates

~ Health Checks.                                                ~Yoga

~ Strength Training.                                          ~Body Weight Routines.

~ Weight Loses                                                   ~Weight Gain.                        

~ Boxing.                                                              ~Self Defense.

~ Kids Training Programs.                               ~Targets for improvement.

~ Special Needs and Disability.                       ~ Tai Chi. 

~ Sports Specific Training.                                ~ Swimming Lessons.

~ Nutrition Programs.                                        ~ Posture Correction


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